Why are biosimilars significant?

Biosimilar Medicines creates increased access and choice for patients and clinicians, leading to medicines optimisation as part of routine practice.

Hennessy Mason is positioning itself as a leader in this dynamic, growing industry with its innovative approach to sourcing and delivering biosimilars from its global network of pharmaceutical and logistic partners.

Patient Support Programme

Where required we have the ability to offer a Patient Support Programme.

Please contact us to find out more.

Reliable and Ethical Supply

We guarantee the safety of patients by ensuring the same biosimilar will be delivered throughout the life cycle of their course.

All of our manufacturers and suppliers are audited at their premises by our in-house quality team.

Cold Chain Storage and Delivery

Our experience in delivering biosimilars allow us to make considered technical and ethical decisions so they are responsibly handled throughout the entire procurement process.

Biosmilars will lead to $54 billion less in spending on biologics over the next decade.

Biosimilars display no clinically relevant differences to their reference products.

Biosimilars have the potential to improve patient access of the total market.

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